Collections of our gold experience from around the world that turned into products to help you make better coffee. As we always design everything ourselves since we opened our first coffee shop in 2011 we have specifically chosen the best products for you here and we hope you love them like we do.


Book I :
188 days Specialty coffee learning guide

280 THB

Book II :
Specialty coffee brewing guide

380 THB

This two books is for everyone who likes to drink, talk, and learn a bit more about coffee. the 1st book is for coffee drinkers and Its content is brief and comprehensive basic knowledge about coffee you would need to know in order to be more appreciated with your cup of coffee. The 2nd book is for home brewers or beginning Barista who are going to put their legs into the world of making coffee. Its content is comprehensive basic knowledge you need to know in order to be able to make a good cup of coffee for most methods of making it.


Sk8ll Glass series

size : 3.5oz / 5.5oz / 8oz

580 / 680 THB

Shak8n glass

size : 8oz

108 THB

Roast8ry Barista cup

size : 4oz

380 THB

Roast8ry Flat white cup

size : 6oz

480 THB

Roast8ry Thermos : Ristr8to edition

size : 13.5oz

980 THB

After our long period of experience with so many coffee drinks, we reallized that is incredible how many variations of coffee, milk, and foam are actually possible in different cups and glasses. Change one little thing and the drink could taste big different for example Flat white and Latte. Those experience leaded us to create our own cups and glasses with shape and size that we would like to present the best flavor coffee in different purpose.


Roast8ry Barista T-shirt

size : oversize style

S / M / L / XL

680 THB